Aug 07


– S&P 500 Tumbles Into Red For 2015, Breaks Below Key Technical Support (ZeroHedge, Aug 7, 2015):

The S&P 500, having broken below its 200-day moving average again, has joined The Dow Transports, Dow Industrials, and Russell 2000 (small caps) in negative territory year-to-date


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One Response to “S&P 500 Tumbles Into Red For 2015, Breaks Below Key Technical Support”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    Well, well well……I wonder how they will spin this one. Perhaps a corporate sponsored “rally” on Monday? I saw a huge buy back on Friday afternoon…..the DOW was down over 130 points……………..

    Only a few greedy guts now control the market. A few individuals controlling enormous funds can make it grow or sink at will……..China isn’t alone in keeping the market on tight rein……..If indeed it falls more on Monday, then we will see. As it is, the market is totally controlled.

    Last Wednesday or Thursday, the market closed down 151 points. 15 minutes after closing, it was down 98 points. I have seen the market rearrange by a few billion (each point indicates a billion) but never by 60 billion…..

    This market is just as crooked and rigged as China’s.

    All I can say is to “be afraid, be very afraid.”

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