Aug 03

“No Brainer” AAPL Enters Correction, Down 12% From Recent Highs To 6-Month Lows (ZeroHedge, Aug 3, 2015):

Having broken its 200DMA earlier this morning, selling pressure has continued in the “as goes AAPL, so goes the US economy market” stock. Now down almost 12% from earnings exuberance, AAPL is in correction territory and is trading at six-month lows


Paging Carl Icahn…

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One Response to ““No Brainer” Apple (AAPL) Enters Correction, Down 12% From Recent Highs To 6-Month Lows”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    I have been predicting Apple would be “overvalued” for a while. Their repulsive exploitation of cheap Chinese workers was only one example. They greedily signed on with the Chinese government………anything for cheap slave labor………regardless they agreed to give their trade secrets to the Chinese government.

    Could not happen to nicer people. What they don’t seem to realize in their greedy quest was that they gave the Chinese government not only trade secrets, but they signed up with them as well. They will not be able to just pull up stakes and leave……….they are in there for the long run.

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