Jul 29

Australia – Cold kills abnormally high number of lambs (Ice Age Now, July 28, 2015):

Mortality rate almost 40 per cent.

Extreme cold weather in southern New South Wales last week culminated in significant livestock losses.

The Department of Primary Industries, at the Cowra Research Station, is conducting autopsies on an abnormally high number of lambs from its commercial lambing flock.

The mortality rate is almost 40 per cent, said researcher, Dr Gordon Refshauge.

He said he had never seen a situation like it. “The weather has been very unusual for the last week,” said Refshauge.

“Historically, in all my experience here, I have seen maybe 2 per cent or 1 per cent of lambs dying from cold exposure here at the research station.

“So far we are at nearly 40 per cent.

“It’s a significant change. It’s quite anomalous.”


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