Jul 21

July 21 cumulative flows by client _0

– The “Smartest Money” Used Last Week’s Surge To Dump Even More Stock (ZeroHedge, July 21, 2015):

Moments ago we got the latest BofA client flow update in which we were expecting to find that the “smart money”, flush with cash, and taking advantage of the Greek “deal” would jump in on last week’s biggest weekly market surge since October 2014 when Bullard hinted at QE4 and unleashed a buying surge. To our surprise we find that not only did “smart” money continue selling, but they were joined by the “smartest” money of all, hedge funds.  And who did they sell to? Why retail investors of course… and corporate buybacks but that should go without saying.

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One Response to “The “Smartest Money” Used Last Week’s Surge To Dump Even More Stock”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    Nothing can keep going up. A change is bound to happen, regardless of how fixed the market. Look at the entire global economy, China shutting down the free market, Germany taking over the Euro, and a few greedy guts controlling this one. At some point, the weakest link will break………..

    I don’t understand this new world order, or its rigged markets….At some point, something has to give.

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