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Prime Minister Tsipras’ Bailout Reform Package: An Act of Treason against the Greek People (Global Research, July 11, 2015)

After having launched a Referendum to refute and refuse the debt bailout agreement put together by the Troika, Prime Minister Tsipras together with his newly instated Finance Minister, comes up four days latter with an austerity package broadly similar to the one which was turned down by the Greek government in June.

This about-turn had been carefully engineered. The Greek people were misled and deceived. The Referendum was an outright  ”ritual of democracy”. 

Tsipras had made a deal with the creditors. He was in favor of accepting the demands of the creditors all along.

Tsipras led the “NO” campaign while having already decided that in the wake of the Referendum, he would say YES to the creditors and cave in to their demands. This is tantamount to an Act of Treason.

There was no attempt by the Tsipras government in the immediate wake of the Referendum to renegotiate  or extend the deadline on behalf of the Greek people in response to the NO Vote. On Monday morning, the day following the Referendum, Yanis Varoufakis who had led the negotiations with the Troika resigned as Finance minister. Did he wilfully resign or was he “dismissed” to facilitate an agreement with the Troika?

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  1. Marilyn GjerdrumGer Says:

    Yes, it is, it happens a lot all over the world. Leaders betray the people who they supposedly represent….again and again…..yet nothing is ever done about it

    Man is a remarkably foolish species.

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