Jul 10


William Hague

Euro-Skeptic William Hague: “I Was Right In 1998, And I Am Right Today” (ZeroHedge, July 9, 2015):

“Chirac and many others were appalled as I told them in 1998… joining the euro would exacerbate recession in some countries, and that some would find themselves ‘trapped in a burning building with no exits’ – a phrase that brought me a fair amount of controversy and abuse… I hope the eurozone leaders meeting today will remember that those of us who criticised the euro at its creation were correct in our forecasts. Otherwise they risk adding to the monumental errors of judgment, analysis and leadership made by their predecessors in 1998.”



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One Response to “Euro-Skeptic William Hague: “I Was Right In 1998, And I Am Right Today””

  1. squodgy Says:

    Another who sold his soul.
    I recall he resigned from Camoron’s Cabinet with Clarke after the “tame” judge appointed to the Savile enquiry (which STILL hasn’t got off the ground) was found to be the sister of the former Justice who, with Leon Brittan authorised the cover up of the Elm House Paedo ring, and she was forced to stand down thus raising the possibility the next judge “might’ not cover things up.


    I think not in view of Haig’s exposure to the Paedo events at the Blackpool conference.

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