Jul 10

Chinese Police Officially Launch Crackdown On Stock Sellers & Rumor Spreaders (ZeroHedge, July 10, 2015):

Not only has the Chinese regulator specifically asked all listed companies to submit reports, within the next two days, on the measures they will take to prop up their shares, according to the 21st Centruy Business Herald; but, as we warned yesterday, Chinese police have begun a “nationwide action plan” to work with stock regulator CSRC to crack down on now ‘illegal’ stock and futures trading. As SCMP reports, police are checking who sold off Ping An and PetroChina stocks in last 30 minutes of trading July 8 while Government was buying to boost index… Who needs QE? This is worse, much worse..

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Which explains this…


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And here is what Rabobank thinks…

“China managed to stage an impressive equity rebound yesterday. One could call it a dead cat bounce, but we don’t even have an entire cat, so it was more parts of a dead cat bouncing, aided by news that anyone caught selling short would be arrested.

To say that doesn’t look sustainable is an understatement, especially with PPI (Producer Price Index) slipping to -4.8 per cent (Year-on-Year), and CPI (Consumer Price Index) edging up to 1.4 per cent only on vegetable prices.”

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One Response to “Chinese Police Officially Launch Crackdown On Stock Sellers & Rumor Spreaders”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    It was a dead something bouncing…..it was obvious to me and others who read this site that it was false. A few greedy guts grabbing what blood might be left in the dead creature…..pretty obvious.

    Now, the fools controlling China have outlawed the open markets…..breeding panic. Stupid.

    This is going to affect the entire world economy…….

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