Jul 09

‘Daylight robbery!’ Uber screws Londoners with 300% Tube-strike price hike (VIDEO) (RT, July 9, 2015):

Taxi firm Uber has been accused of ‘robbery’ after the company tripled its prices to cash in on the traffic chaos caused by the biggest London Underground strike in 13 years.

Uber users tweeted their anger at the online taxi company, expressing outrage as taxi fares rose by up to 300 percent at a time when thousands of Londoners were struggling to get to work.

Demand is off the charts! Fares have increased to get more Ubers on the road,” the app stated.

London commuters described scenes of “absolute carnage” as the city grapples with a 24-hour tube strike which was called by several transport unions in response to unresolved disputes over the introduction of night tube services in September.

In response to the surge in demand, Uber raised its minimum fare to £14.50 (US$22.30) with an additional fee of £3.62 per mile. If the cab is stuck in traffic, passengers must pay an extra 43p per minute.

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