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Jul 3, 2015


Decades in the making, already the most expensive military project in history – and still US F-35 figher jet isn’t ready. Some are now pointing to signs that the plane’s appeal is wearing off, despite the efforts of its manufacturer.

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5 Responses to “Leaked: New F-35 Fighter Jet Beaten By F-16 From 1970s (Video)”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    An editorial on Greece, and what the referendum will do…….catastrophe vs total catastrophe……


  2. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    Voting underway in Greece. Early morning, does not look too busy yet.
    Using 1974 equipment, so is probably going to be fairly accurate…..No computers to rig.
    Here is the live link from rt.com


  3. squodgy Says:


  4. Squodgy Says:

    This is in addition to the requests by both Indian & Spanish Navies to extend the life of this groundbreakingly successful invention by Sidney Camm & STANLEY Hooker.

    The desperation to find a better airplane must be gut wrenching.


  5. squodgy Says:

    Notwithstanding that the US Navy reported a less than 50% readiness for combat result in last month’s tests on carriers, and a host of other unacceptables such as high radar detection rate, poor weapons carrying capability etc, its cost reaches $1,500 Billion or one and a half million million dollars……$1,500,000,000,000…….
    and the number ordered shrinks by the day to levels approaching half, because it is unaffordable….now they complain it is not Gatling Gun capable….you know the gun which they use to kill their own with.


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