Jul 02

Varoufakis Will Resign If Referendum Passes, Says Would Rather “Cut Off Arm” Than Sign (ZeroHedge, July 2, 2015):

“With banks shuttered and Greece’s economy hobbled by capital controls, Varoufakis said in a Bloomberg Television interview in Athens that he would “rather cut my arm off” than sign a deal that fails to restructure Greece’s debt.”

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One Response to “Varoufakis Will Resign If Referendum Passes, Says Would Rather “Cut Off Arm” Than Sign”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    His resignation is precisely what that greedy cow and her associates running Germany want. They want a more right wing sold out leader in Greece. He still holds all the chips, if it appears his priorities are going to be defeated, he can cancel the referendum…..and he can find a social reason for doing so.

    This game isn’t over, and a lot of Greek people realize it won’t get better with more debt that pays nothing into the real economy. The fear mongering Greece will lose the Euro is just that……greedy guts want to scare them into surrendering to more austerity.

    At this point, the cats aren’t going back into the bag, it is too late. All the lies in the world cannot change the fact there is nothing left in the Euro, and the US, but debt and economic contraction. The jobs reports in the US is just one truth that cannot be hidden. 37 year low…..Wow.

    Everywhere one looks, growth has vanished, prices have skyrocketed & all opportunity has vanished. It is a global depression, caused by the same greedy guts who generated the global crash of 2007-08. They continued to sell nothing but debt………and now, Enron Accounting has been adopted by many nations in the world. Terrifying.

    Idiots and greedy guts have dismantled our world…….

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