Jun 29

H/t reader squodgy:

“Yet more analysis which looks like opening another Pandora’s Box of Zionist lies.

It certainly asks all the right questions and finally points the finger at that false nation of murderers…..”


Full article here:

Hard Proof of Fake Blood and Moulage in Tunisian Shooting Hoax (NODISINFO, June 28, 2015)

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2 Responses to “Hard Proof of Fake Blood and Moulage in Tunisian Shooting Hoax”

  1. Squodgy Says:

    Even more proof, if it were needed, that this is indeed a Zionist false flag event, they have rolled out this buffoon to warn all Brits the secret service will be carrying out “anti-terror” drills to prepare London from these awful people they created and funded!

    Cue another false flag London Bombing. Everyone should see on YouTube the documentary called 7 7 Ripple Effect 2.

    It’s maker was extradited from Ireland and imprisoned for two years on what were eventually proved false charges. Good old UK justice & democracy….bollocks.

    Cue another massacre on UK soil again.


  2. Squodgy Says:

    Now it really starts to stink.
    CIA & the murderous israeli goons quad working together to take control of all matters of governing Tunisia after its revolution.
    I wonder who engineered its revolution? DOH!


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