Jun 26

Bank of America Trolls The Middle Class, Or How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street (ZeroHedge, June 26, 2015):

While the punchline of this post is well-known by everyone, and even the Federal Reserve finally admits that its own actions have led to record inequality and a world in which the rich have never been richer and poor, never been poorer (over the objections of some certifiable lunatics), we find it amazing that even the banks – those ultimate beneficiaries of every action by the Fed in the past 7 years – are now openly trolling what little is left of the middle class.

Presenting: Bank of America’s chart showing who the undisputed victor in that age-old war between Wall Street and Main Street, truly is.

wall vs main street

“So what chu gonna do about it?”

– Bank of Countrywide Lynch (already bailed out once by Main Street)


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