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James Perloff is author of The Shadows of Power, an exposé of private influence on American foreign policy that has sold over 100,000 copies, and two books about the evidence against Darwin’s theory of evolution, including Tornado in a Junkyard. He wrote for The New American magazine for nearly three decades and is a regular contributor to http://henrymakow.com. His newest book, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, is a comprehensive look at the satanic drive for world government. He also wrote the script for Free Mind Films’ new documentary ShadowRing, released last week. His website is http://jamesperloff.com.

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One Response to “Jade Helm Turning Into Martial Law Right Before Our Eyes? (Video)”

  1. squodgy Says:

    Without trying to cause too much upset, taking into account israel’s involvement in every false flag event, is it not wise to consider the following as a harbinger of probable future events aimed by the NWO at creating the chaos needed to transition the remaining world populace into compliance…….


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