May 31


Reuters: M8.5 quake strikes off Japan’s east coast — Experts: “Unusually sharp movement” by plate of Earth’s crust — Felt throughout entire country — WSJ: Buildings in Tokyo seen shaking dramatically — “The number of quakes seems to be rising… I’m worried” (VIDEO) (ENENews, May 30, 2015):

NHK (emphasis added): M8.5 quake hits Tokyo and surrounding areas — A powerful earthquake shook Tokyo and surrounding areas on Saturday night… The focus was at a depth of about 590 kilometers.

Reuters: A magnitude 8.5 earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan on Saturday, shaking buildings in Tokyo [and] was felt throughout much of Japan.

AP: A powerful earthquake… shook most of the country Saturday evening… The temblor was powerful enough to rattle most of Japan, from the southern islands of Okinawa to Hokkaido in the north… [A Chichijima official] told NHK that he initially felt a mild tremor, but when he thought it was over “there was a violent shaking and I couldn’t even stand on my feet.”… [Hahajima] innkeeper Michiko Orita told NHK… “It was so frightening. The entire house shook… like I have never experienced before.”

VOA News: An extremely powerful earthquake rocked the Pacific Ocean floor… Seismologists said the earthquake was interesting scientifically because it represented an unusually sharp movement by the Philippine Sea plate of the Earth’s crust, which presses beneath the much large Eurasia and Pacific plates.

Wall St. Journal: NHK showed footage of buildings in central Tokyo shaking dramatically… Monday, Tokyo was rocked by a 5.5 magnitude quake…

Japan Times: M8.5 quake rocks Ogasawara Islands, jolting Tokyo… Following the quake, the government quickly set up an emergency task force at the prime minister’s office to assess the situation. Tokyo Electric Power Co. said no damage had been reported at its Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 nuclear power stations… “The number of quakes seems to be rising these days, and I’m worried,” said a 34-year-old office worker…

Watch: NHK broadcast | Footage from Tokyo

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