Human Rights Watch: Ukraine, Syria Civilians Attacked With Incendiary Weapons

Ukraine, Syria civilians attacked with incendiary weapons – HRW (RT, Nov 12, 2014):

Incendiary weapons were used in recent conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says, citing their own evidence. The organization also reported that residential areas in Ukraine suffered rocket attacks from Kiev’s army.

The watchdog has analyzed evidence of attacks involving “exceptionally cruel” incendiary weapons, including white phosphorus. These allegedly occurred in 2014, during the ongoing civil war in Syria and the military operation waged in eastern Ukraine. In a damning report, the watchdog urged tougher laws on the use of munitions.

According to the report, victims of incendiary weapons, which burn at exceptionally high temperatures, often suffer long-term physical and psychological damage, as these kinds of weapons can cause exceptionally painful thermal and respiratory burns.

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