Nearly Half Of 350 Fukushima Radiation Water Tanks Won’t Last For 5 Years

Nearly half of 350 contaminated water tanks can’t even last for 5 years (Fukushima, Oct 10, 2013):

According to the report that Tepco submitted to Nuclear Regulation Authority, about half of the flange type tanks can’t last for 5 years.

Flange type tanks are easy to build. In order to catch up with the rapidly increasing contaminated water, Tepco is building this type of tanks instead of the welded tanks. However, these are more vulnerable to leak. Currently there are 350 flange type tanks in Fukushima nuclear plant area.

Normally flange type tanks last for 5 years. However, because some of them were provisionally built, they last shorter than 5 years.

In the map below, red represents the tanks that can last for 5 years. Blue represents the tanks that can’t last for 5 years.