Feb 19


Watch Bernanke Lie To Congress: Monetizing The Debt (The Daily Bail):

“The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt.”

Fed Buys Back 30 Year Bond Auctioned Off Last Thursday (ZeroHedge, Feb 19, 2013):

Earmuffs time for those people (all utterly clueless three or so of them) that the Fed does not monetize the US debt.From last Thursday, the the US Treasury so generously issued $16 billion in 30 year bond (Cusip: QZ4)…

… to today’s POMO, when the Fed so generously monetized some $39 million of the same CUSIP, after the obligatory settlementin the hands of the Primary Dealers of course.

…with about $13 billion more to of this specific CUSIP left to go. From the US Treasury:

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One Response to “Fed Buys Back 30 Year Bond Auctioned Off Last Thursday”

  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    I wonder how long it will take before people realize the FED is carrying the majority of US debt, and that it isn’t China like media would like them to believe.

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