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Mitt Romney:

- The Romney Con (Video)

- Elite Puppet John McCain Endorses Elite Puppet Mitt Romney

- Mitt Romney’s Staff Spent Nearly $100,000 To KEEP HIS RECORDS SECRET

- Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Argues For Increase In Military Spending To Ensure US Military Dominance Over Other Nations

Rick Santorum:

- Ron Paul Ad On Rick Santorum Betrayals (Video)

- Freedom Watch: Rick Santorum = Big Government (Video)

- Rand Paul On CNN: The Threat From Iran – Exposing Rick Santorum (Video)

- Rick Santorum Wants To Bomb Iran’s Nuclear Facilities (= WW III) (NBC Video)

Ron Paul:

- Once And For All: Ron Paul Is Anything BUT Racist (Video)

- US Soldier In Trouble For Praising Ron Paul On CNN

- Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate That Doesn’t Want To Start Another War!

- Ron Paul: Sanctions Against Iran Are an ‘Act of War’

- The Compassion Of Dr. Ron Paul – So Who Is Behind The Ron Paul Attacks?

- Shocking Realities About RON PAUL 2012

- Ron Paul On CNN: ‘I Challenge Everybody From The Military Industrial Complex To The Banking System!’ (Video)

- Ron Paul On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Video) – Listen America!!!

- Legendary Investor Jim Rogers: Ron Paul Is ‘The Only One In American Politics That Seems To Have A Clue About What Is Going On’ – Supports ‘Ron Paul 2012′

- Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He’s Too ‘Misguided And Extreme’

- Gerald Celente Endorses Ron Paul For President – ‘The Entire Economic System Is Collapsing’ – ‘Fascism Has Come To America In Every Form’ (Video – Nov. 29, 2011)

- Ron Paul Redux (Video)

- Veterans For Ron Paul In 2012: ‘The Only Candidate That Protects, Defends, Supports And Upholds The Constitution … And Takes His Oath Seriously’

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