Saadi Gaddafi Smuggled Into Niger By Team Of New Zealand, Australian, Russian and Iraqi Ex-Special Forces

Saadi Gaddafi was smuggled into Niger by a team of ex-special forces soldiers from around the world, according to a former Australian soldier who claims to be the personal bodyguard of the son of the former Libyan dictator.

Saadi Gaddafi is facing demands for his extradition from Niger

Saadi Gaddafi ‘smuggled into Niger by team of ex-special forces from Australia and New Zealand’ (Telegraph, Oct. 30, 2011):

Gary Peters, who is Australian but lives in Ontario, Canada, said his team of New Zealand, Australian, Russian and Iraqi ex-special forces soldiers escorted Saadi to Niger after his flight from Tripoli as it fell to rebel forces in August.

He said he himself was injured as he tried to cross the border back to Libya, but was able to make it back to Canada even though he was bleeding.

Saadi, who is facing demands for his extradition from Niger, was hoping to move to Canada or Mexico where he had investments, Mr Peters said.

“He loves Canada, that’s why he keeps coming back here, every year,” Mr Peters said of Saadi in an interview with the country’s National Post newspaper.

“He’s got investments here, he’s got property here. He wants to [move to Canada], but I was warned by RCMP (the police) that if he comes here they’ll arrest him straight away.”

Jon Corzine’s MF Global Files for Bankruptcy After Bad Bets on European Debt – The Eighth-Largest US Bankruptcy By Assets

MF Global Files for Bankruptcy After Bad Bets on European Debt (Bloomberg, Oct. 31, 2011):

MF Global Holdings Ltd., the holding company for the broker-dealer run by former New Jersey governor and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. co-chairman Jon Corzine, filed for bankruptcy protection as it seeks to reorganize after making bets on European sovereign debt.

The New York-based firm listed debt of $39.7 billion and assets of $41 billion in Chapter 11 papers filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, making it the eighth-largest U.S. bankruptcy by assets, according to MF Global’s board met through the weekend in New York to consider options including a sale to avert failure, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation.

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Travel Nightmares Plague East Coast After Snowstorm – More Than 4 MILLION People In At Least 5 States Without Power

Travel nightmares plague East Coast after snowstorm (CNN, Oct. 30, 2011):

Airline passengers left stranded by a freak snowstorm that pounded the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states were waiting to get to their destinations Sunday, many after spending a restless night on cots or airport floors.

“Whatever kind of system they had, it completely and utterly broke down,” said passenger Fatimah Dahandari, who spent a night in Hartford, Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport while trying to get to New York. “It looks like a refugee camp in here.”

More than 4 million people in at least five states were without power Sunday as the storm moved offshore. Up to five deaths, some in traffic accidents, were blamed on the storm.

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Prince Charles Has Been Offered Veto Over 12 Government Bills That Might Affect His Private Interest

Ministers sought prince’s consent under secretive constitutional loophole on bills covering issues from gambling to the Olympics

Prince Charles has been asked by ministers to give his consent to government bills that may apply to his interests. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

Prince Charles has been offered a veto over 12 government bills since 2005 (Telegraph, Oct. 30, 2011):

Ministers have been forced to seek permission from Prince Charles to pass at least a dozen government bills, according to a Guardian investigation into a secretive constitutional loophole that gives him the right to veto legislation that might affect his private interests.

Since 2005, ministers from six departments have sought the Prince of Wales’ consent to draft bills on everything from road safety to gambling and the London Olympics, in an arrangement described by constitutional lawyers as a royal “nuclear deterrent” over public policy. Unlike royal assent to bills, which is exercised by the Queen as a matter of constitutional law, the prince’s power applies when a new bill might affect his own interests, in particular the Duchy of Cornwall, a private £700m property empire that last year provided him with an £18m income.

Neither the government nor Clarence House will reveal what, if any, alterations to legislation Charles has requested, or exactly why he was asked to grant consent to such a wide range of laws.

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GMO Mosquitos Engineered To Kill – Their Own Children – RELEASED In Brazil, Cayman, Islands And Malaysia


Scientist Investigating How Mosquitoes Transmit Diseases Dies From Ingested Cyanide

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds Sweat-Triggered Vaccines

Gates Foundation: Funding for a proposal to turn mosquitos into ‘flying syringes’ delivering vaccines

What could possibly go wrong?

Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes (New York Times, Oct. 30, 2011):

These mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill — their own children.

Researchers on Sunday reported initial signs of success from the first release into the environment of mosquitoes engineered to pass a lethal gene to their offspring, killing them before they reach adulthood.

The results, and other work elsewhere, could herald an age in which genetically modified insects will be used to help control agricultural pests and insect-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria.

But the research is arousing concern about possible unintended effects on public health and the environment, because once genetically modified insects are released, they cannot be recalled.

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US Drone Wars – Obama: ‘I Have Two Words For You, Predator Drones’ – ‘You Will Never See It Coming’ – ‘You Think I’m Joking’ (Video)

YouTube Added: 30.10.2011

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US Drones Kill 6 In Pakistan

President Obama To Jay Leno: Libya Is ‘A Recipe For Success’

CIA Assassinates 16-Year-Old American Citizen From Denver In Yemen

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy

Why Libya Was Attacked

Met Police Using Surveillance System To Monitor Mobile Phones

A woman on her mobile next to a police cordon during protests in London in 2010. The Metropolitan police have purchased technology to track all handsets in a targeted area. Photograph: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones (Guardian, Oct. 30, 2011):

Britain’s largest police force is operating covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area.

The surveillance system has been procured by the Metropolitan police from Leeds-based company Datong plc, which counts the US Secret Service, the Ministry of Defence and regimes in the Middle East among its customers. Strictly classified under government protocol as “Listed X”, it can emit a signal over an area of up to an estimated 10 sq km, forcing hundreds of mobile phones per minute to release their unique IMSI and IMEI identity codes, which can be used to track a person’s movements in real time.

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More Than 150,000 Mexican Cargo Trucks Await US Permits

More Than 150,000 Mexican Cargo Trucks Await U.S. Permits (Latin American Herald Tribune/EFE News Services, Oct. 28, 2011):

MEXICO CITY – Eleven Mexican trucking companies hope to join a pilot program that could see more than 150,000 vehicles delivering products to destinations deep inside the United States by year’s end, the vice president of the Canacar transport association said.

Eight of the 11 firms have already submitted applications and are awaiting a response from the U.S. Transportation Department, Luis Moreno said.

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CNN: ‘Ron Paul Makes Sense’ (Video)


These are your ‘alternatives’:

‘Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore In Texas’ (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Wants Preemptive Iran Strike: ‘I Cannot Live With A Nuclear-Armed Iran. If You Want An Example Of When I Would Use American Force, It Would Be That’

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Argues For Increase In Military Spending To Ensure US Military Dominance Over Other Nations

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain: ‘There’s No Reason To Audit The Federal Reserve’

Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Open To Send US Military To Kill Drug Cartels IN MEXICO

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Japanese Government Still Refusing To Evacuate Fukushima Children (Video)

This is ‘DECONTAMINATION’ in Japan:

AND NOW: 110 Volunteers and Residents to ‘DECONTAMINATE’ High Radiation Area in Fukushima City
(Visit the links that prove that Fukushima city should have been evacuated a long time ago.)

It looks like a cleaning exercise, but it really is a suicide mission.

This is your government at work …

AND NOW: Burned Radioactive Sewage Sludge Dumped In Tokyo Bay (Video)


AND NOW: Japanese Government BURNS HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE SOIL In New Experiment To Remove Radioactive Cesium (!!!)

And again, this is GENOCIDE!!!

The truth is: You are on your own.

YouTube Added: 30.10.2011

On the 27th of October 2011, Fukushima women met government officials in Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate Fukushima children immediately. But, the government official only repeated the government’s
policy of cleaning up the contaminated areas in Fukushima.

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School In Kashiwa City: 3.52 Microsieverts/Hr – 200Km From Fukushima (Video)


On 29 Oct 2011, I measured radiation in front of a gate of an elementaly
school in Kiwa city, Chiba pref. Japan
The monitorinig place is 200 km from Fukushima Nuclear power plant, and 35
or 40 km to Tokyo, called “Tokyo Hot Spot”.
The monitor indicates 0.28 micro Sievert per hour in air at chest hight,
3.52 on roadside sand at ground level.
I am afraid that schildren’s lung may chatch the dust from this sand in dry
and windy days.
100m from this school, There is a Garbage Ash Landfill facilities of Kashiwa
It is told that radioactive materials are con densed in garbage ash. Kasiwa
city laid such high polluted ash in the landfill place near this elememtary
school till June 2011.
Measuring instrument is made of Ukraine. ECOTEST MKS-05.

More info:

Cesium-137 Flow Into Ocean 30 Times Greater Than Stated By TEPCO: Report (Kyodo)

Ocean Absorbed 79 Percent Of Fukushima Fallout – ‘High Concentrations’ Reached North America And Europe (Forbes, Oct. 29, 2011)

AND NOW: 110 Volunteers and Residents to ‘DECONTAMINATE’ High Radiation Area in Fukushima City

Fukushima Beef Now Officially Banned (BBC News – Video)

AND NOW: 110 Microsieverts Per Hour Detected At Tokyo Supermarket

France’s IRSN Estimate Of Radioactive Cesium-137 Leaked Into The Pacific Ocean: 27,100 Terabequerels = 20 Times TEPCO’s Estimate!

AND NOW: Burned Radioactive Sewage Sludge Dumped In Tokyo Bay (Video)

Kashiwa Government Insists Being Unable To Handle Radiation Hotspot On Its Own (Daily Yomiuri, Oct. 28, 2011)

Japan Considers Building New Capital In Case Of Emergency (Telegraph, Oct. 27, 2011)

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US Drones Kill 6 In Pakistan

Suspected US drones kill 6 in Pakistan (Guardian, Oct. 30, 2011):

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Suspected U.S. unmanned aircraft fired six missiles at a vehicle in Pakistan’s tribal region near the Afghan border Sunday, killing six alleged militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

The high number of missiles used in the attack in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan seemed to indicate an important militant was targeted. But the identities of those killed were as yet unknown, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

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US Planning Troop Buildup In The Persian Gulf After Exit From Iraq

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq (New York Times, Oct. 29, 2011):

MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — The Obama administration plans to bolster the American military presence in the Persian Gulf after it withdraws the remaining troops from Iraq this year, according to officials and diplomats. That repositioning could include new combat forces in Kuwait able to respond to a collapse of security in Iraq or a military confrontation with Iran.

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The European (Non-)Bailout Explained (Video) … And Why Europe ‘Is Screwed’: ‘Dumb Money’ Refuses To Play Along: China State Media Says It Won’t Rescue Europe

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Nigel Farage On Freedom Watch: Eventually Events Will Be Too Big For Any Bailout (Video – Oct. 26, 2011)

- Bilderberg Merkel Warns Of War In Europe If Euro Fails – EU Summit Seals 1 Trillion Euro Deal – Banks Agree On 50% Write-Off Of Greek Debt

–  Euro bailout – an animated explanation (Guardian, Oct. 28, 2011):

The “Dumb Money” Refuses To Play Along: China State Media Says It Won’t Rescue Europe (ZeroHedge, Oct. 30, 2011):

A few days ago China telegraphed it refuses to continue to be seen as the world’s rescuer and the dumbest money in the room. Many assumed China was only kidding: after all how would China let its biggest export partner flounder? And furthermore, all China does is provide vendor financing, right? Well, as it turns out, wrong, because to China the current state of Europe is far from the terminal crisis Europe is trying to make it appear. This is happening even as a thoroughly desperate and grovelling Europe, kneepads armed and ready, has said via the EFSF’s Regling that it will even consider issuing Yuan-denominated bonds. Alas, China is less than impressed. As AFP reports, “China’s state media Sunday warned that the country will not be a “savior” to Europe, as President Hu Jintao left for an official visit to the region including a G20 summit. Hu’s visit has raised hopes that cash-rich China might make a firm commitment to the European bailout fund, but in a commentary, the official Xinhua news agency said Europe must address its own financial woes. “China can neither take up the role as a savior to the Europeans, nor provide a ‘cure’ for the European malaise. “Obviously, it is up to the European countries themselves to tackle their financial problems,” it said, adding that China could only do so “within its capacity to help as a friend.” A friend, who at this point is quite sensible, and realizes far better deals are to be had down the line if one merely waits. That said, we are certain China is not the only one out there with an instant notification pending the second Santorini, Ibiza or the Isle of Capri hits E-bay.

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Jim Rogers Says New Greece Deal Can’t Save Europe

See also:

The European (Non-)Bailout Explained (Video) … And Why Europe ‘Is Screwed’: ‘Dumb Money’ Refuses To Play Along: China State Media Says It Won’t Rescue Europe

Jim Rogers Says New Greece Deal Can’t Save Europe (Money Morning, Oct. 30, 2011):

Investing legend Jim Rogers said that although the latest Eurozone deal for Greece is more generous than he expected, it’s not enough to solve Europe’s problems.

“Politicians have delayed addressing the problem yet again,” Rogers told Investment Week. “It will come back in a few weeks or a few months and the world will still have the same problem, but this time only worse because the European Central Bank and other countries will be deeper in debt.”

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CIA Assassinates 16-Year-Old American Citizen From Denver In Yemen

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.”
– Adolf Hitler

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
– Adolf Hitler

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Secret US Panel Can Put Americans On ‘KILL LIST’ (Reuters)

Ron Paul: Obama Impeachment A Possibility (Politico)

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Day America Died – The Only Future For Americans Is A Nightmare

The Secret Memo That Explains Why President Obama Can Kill Americans Without Due Process

President Obama Argues His Unconstitutional Assassination Program Is A ‘State Secret’

An American Teenager in Yemen: Paying for the Sins of His Father? (TIME, Oct. 27, 2011):

A wave of CIA drone strikes targeting al-Qaeda figures in Yemen is stoking widespread anger there that U.S. policy is cruel and misguided, prioritizing counterterrorism over a genuine solution to the country’s raging political crisis.

Politics has never been a concern to Sam al-Homiganyi and his fellow teenagers. This month, though, they were shocked by the sudden death of a friend and are struggling to understand why.

Fighting back tears, his gaze fixed downward, al-Homiganyi, a lean-looking 15-year-old from the outskirts of Sana’a, told TIME, “He was my best friend, we played football together everyday.” Another of his friends spoke up, gesturing to the gloomy group of jeans-clad boys around him: “He was the same as us. He liked swimming, playing computer games, watching movies … you know, normal stuff.”

The dead friend was Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a 16-year-old born in Denver, the third American killed in as many weeks by suspected CIA drone strikes in Yemen. His father, the radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, also an American citizen, was killed earlier this month, along with alleged al-Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan, who was from New York. When Abdulrahman’s death was first reported in the Western press, his age was given as 21 by local Yemeni officials. Afterward, however, the Awlaki family put out a copy of Abdulrahman’s birth certificate.

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Veteran Scott Olsen Regained Consciousness But ‘Cannot Talk’ After Cops Shot Him In The Face At Occupy Oakland

In other news:

Occupy Oakland protests: Iraq war hero Scott Olsen badly wounded by police (Daily Mail, Oct. 30, 2011):

Scott Olsen, 24, is able to communicate with his family by writing notes, but his ability to spell has been damaged.

Mr Olsen can understand what’s being communicated to him and doctors said on Friday that he will likely be able to make a full recovery in time.

Scott Olsen ‘cannot talk’ after injury at Occupy Oakland protest (Guardian, Oct. 28, 2011):

Iraq war veteran is believed to have sustained damage to speech centre of his brain in injury at Occupy protest on Tuesday

Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was seriously injured by a police projectile during a protest in Oakland, has regained consciousness but “cannot talk”.

Olsen, 24, is communicating with friends and family at his bedside by writing notes, but his injury is believed to have damaged the speech centre of his brain, according to Keith Shannon, who served with Olsen in Iraq.

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Snowstorm Pelts East Coast, Cuts Power To 2.3 Million – Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy: ‘If You Are Without Power, You Should Expect To Be Without Power For A Prolonged Period Of Time’ – States Of Emergency Declared In New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts And Parts Of New York (Video)

Snowstorm pelts East Coast, cuts power to more than 2M (USA Today, Oct. 30, 2011):

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) – A snowstorm with a ferocity more familiar in February than October socked the Northeast over the weekend, knocking out power to 2.3 million, snarling air and highway travel and dumping more than 2 feet of snow in a few spots as it slowly moved north out of New England. Officials warned it could be days before many see electricity restored.

The combination of heavy, wet snow, leaf-laden trees and frigid, gusting winds brought down limbs and power lines. At least three deaths were blamed on the weather, and states of emergency were declared in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts of New York.

“If you are without power, you should expect to be without power for a prolonged period of time,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Saturday night.

The storm worsened as it moved north, and communities in western Massachusetts were among the hardest hit. Snowfall totals topped 27 inches in Plainfield, and nearby Windsor had gotten 26 inches by early Sunday.

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East Coast Snowstorm Cuts Power To 1.7 Million

Bayron Zamora, right, 15, and Jarell Finley, 17, look at a down tree as heavy snow created issues with down lines and trees during a rare October snowstorm that hit the Northern New Jersey region, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011, in Lodi, N.J. (AP)

Early snow pelts East Coast, cuts power to 1.7M (AP, Oct. 29, 2011):

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — An unusually early and powerful nor’easter dumped wet, heavy snow Saturday on parts of the mid-Atlantic region, weighing down or toppling leafy trees and power lines and knocking out electricity for 1.7 million as the storm headed toward New England.

Communities inland were getting hit hardest, with eastern Pennsylvania serving as the bull’s-eye for the storm, said National Weather Service spokesman Chris Vaccaro. Some places got more than half a foot of snow, and towns near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border saw 10 inches fall. And New York City’s Central Park set a record for both the date and the month of October with 1.3 inches of snow by midafternoon and more falling.

More than 1.7 million customers lost power from Maryland north through Massachusetts, and utilities were bringing in crews from other states to help restore it. Half a million in New Jersey were without power, including Gov. Chris Christie, and almost as many were in the dark in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Both New Jersey and Connecticut declared states of emergencies.

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US Government Wants To Test Anthrax Vaccine On Children

Panel endorses anthrax vaccine test on children (San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 29, 2011):

Washington — A key panel of government advisers Friday recommended that the federal government sponsor a controversial study to test the anthrax vaccine in children to see whether the inoculation would protect young Americans against a bioterrorist’s attack.

The National Biodefense Science Board, which advises the federal government on issues related to bioterrorism, voted 12-1 to recommend that the Health and Human Services Department move forward with a study aimed at determining whether the vaccine is safe and effective in children and identifying the best dose. Patricia Quinlisk of the Iowa Department of Public Health, who chairs the panel, was the only dissenter.

“We need to know more about the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine as we develop plans to use the vaccine on a large number of children in the event of a bioterrorist’s attack,” said Ruth Berkelman of Emory University, a panel member.

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