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Food in Berkley, CA :

EURAD cesium-137 forecast:

United States EPA “radiation map”:

NILU full list of forecasts:

NILU Iodine-131 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH

NILU Iodine-131 surface concentration forecast:;region=NH

NILU Cesium-137 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH

NILU Cesium-137 surface concentration forecast:;region=NH

NILU Xenon-133 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH

NILU Xenon-133 surface concentration forecast:;region=NH

Uranium found in Hawaii , and WEST COAST USA !

Geiger measurement today to be done from illinois.

Here are the radiation links I have assembled.


all old links below still functioning…

Full mid levels of Cesium , Xenon, and Iodine.. particulate matter, in the cloud vapor from surface level to 5000m (15,000 feet) ..

It is up to you to decide how you want to approach this data.

Personally, I believe it to be IN THE PRECIPITATION for sure.. which means you do not want to get the rain or snow on you, and do not want to injest the fluid.. (i.e. drink the water) until levels deminish.

the revealed US site:

Here is a list of the radioactive particles in the air.
Taken from the 3-16-11 on ZAMG site.

CS 137

Higher plumes, reaching 5000 meters (15,000 feet) are forecast to reach Portugal, Spain, and central europe.

Finland radiation:

radiation forecasting links:

dutch radiation monitoring:

swiss radiation monitoring:

Finland radiation monitoring:

French radiation monitoring: (thanks to youtube user: RehKurts ! )

jet stream forecasting:

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