France: Court acquits Cape Verdean man who Impregnated 11 y/o Girl because “there was No Coercion”

France: Court acquits Cape Verdean man who Impregnated 11 y/o Girl because “there was No Coercion”:

French newspaper Le Parisien published a story on 11 November, which it updated on the 14th, about the verdict in a rape case. The accused was acquitted of raping a minor by the jury of the Criminal Trial Court (Court of Assizes) of Seine-et-Marne, East of Paris. At the hearing, the Advocate General had requested eight years’ imprisonment plus psychological evaluation. The verdict has now been appealed by the Prosecutor General of the Court of Appeal of Paris. In response, Dominique Laurens, the prosecutor of Meaux, said:

Up to 15 years, a child must be protected. You cannot obtain sex [in a normal way.] Its consent is not informed.

The case was started when, in January 2010, Justine (a pseudonym), at the time a mere 11 years old, was found out to be pregnant by her family. Until that point, the child had never mentioned the ‘bad meeting’ that had taken place one evening in August 2009, with the then 22-year-old suspect, who is originally from Cape Verde.

Originally from Congo, Justine, then living in Nevers in the North-East of France, spent her holidays with her uncle in Seine-et-Marne. When she was playing at the foot of the building with her cousin, a man approached her.

Justine always claimed that she told this stranger her age. Nevertheless, he asked her to accompany him to the park and she accepted. There, he began to undress her and asked her to lie down on the ground. He held her hands and penetrated her. She asked him to stop, but he continued. A few minutes later, she returned to her uncle, not saying anything. Justine gave birth in May 2010, to a little boy, who was placed with a foster family.

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Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: “Police Declared Martial Law”

Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: “Police Declared Martial Law”:

Five days ago, Det. Sean Suiter, a married father of five and an 18-year veteran with the Baltimore Police, was patrolling the streets of West Baltimore around 5pm last Wednesday when he saw suspicious activity. Suiter approached a man and was shot point blank in the head, in a summary execution. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he later died of his injuries.

In response, Baltimore Police reacted with ‘fire and fury’ turning the neighborhood where Suiter was shot into an “open-air prison”, shutting down city streets and enabling checkpoints for citizens while officers in tactical gear went door to door, according to Baltimore Brew. Residents were prohibited from entering their own neighborhood unless they showed proper identification, these extreme measures have been in place for 4-5 days.

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Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich Docks World’s Largest Yacht Just Down The Road From Mar-A-Lago

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The Jewish Supremacist Doomsday Cult That Connects Trump and Putin:

Putin and Trump are both Freemasons and Illuminati puppets. (… like the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, Obama, Cameron, Brown, May, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron, etc.)

Sheldon Adelson has not only huge influence in the Republican party, but is also connected to Russian billionaires close to Putin and has close ties to the (Mossad run, i. e. Rothschild controlled! & Jewish supremacist doomsday cult) Chabad movement and especially with Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, also known as known as “Putin’s rabbi.”

Below the following articles you’ll find more about Donald Trump’s, Jared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s connections to the Chabad movement and George Soros, a Rothschild servant,  who not only supported Hillary, but also Donald Trump and Jared Kushner in a great way, as you will see.


Russian Oligarch Docks World’s Largest Yacht Just Down The Road From Mar-A-Lago:

Last week, special counsel Robert Muller and his team subpoenaed the Trump campaign asking campaign officials to handover Russian-related documents. The subpoena was first reported by the WSJ on Thursday, which the source said, the campaign has already turned over 20,000 documents, and was not clear why the subpoena was issued. Mueller and his team of investigators are probing for any collusion between President Trump and ‘the Russians’ during the 2016 presidential election.

Then hours later, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was thrust back into the spotlight of the Mueller probe, with the Senate Judiciary Committee claiming that he did not hand over all of the relevant documents needed as part of the investigation.

All of which sets the background for what appears like yet another terrible ‘optic’ for the Trump administration.

In a hilarious development, just days before Trump is set to arrive at his Florida resort, dubbed the “winter White House,” for the Thanksgiving holiday, Putin’s ally and friend, Roman Abramovich, net worth of $9.5 billion, arrived at the Palm Beach Port , in the world’s largest yacht.

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The US Has Quietly Deployed More Than 500 Troops To Somalia

The non-interventionist way of making America great again?


US Quietly Builds Up Troops in Somalia:

US Has More Troops in Somalia Than Any Time Since 1993

One of the many quiet escalations in countries where US military operations on the ground hadn’t really been well publicized in the first place, officials say that the US has more than doubled the number of ground troops in Somalia this year, and now have over 500 troops there.

This is the most troops the US have had in the country since 1993, when the Black Hawk Down incident killed 18 US soldiers and led to a quick withdrawal from the nation.

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Big Brother Is Here: Twitter Will Monitor Users Behavior ‘Off Platform’

Big Brother Is Here: Twitter Will Monitor Users Behavior ‘Off Platform’:

In perhaps the most intrusive move of social media platforms’ efforts signal as much virtue as possible and appease their potentially-regulating government overlords, Twitter has announced that it is cracking down on what it defines at hate-speech and not just by looking at its own site.

In what amounts to a major shift in Twitter policy, Mashable’s Kerry Flynn reports that the company announced on Friday that it will be monitoring user’s behavior “on and off the platform” and will suspend a user’s account if they affiliate with violent organizations, according to an update to Twitter’s Help Center on Friday.

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Charlie Rose Accused By 8 Women Of Nudity, ‘Groping’ And Lewd Phone Calls

Charlie Rose Accused By 8 Women Of Nudity, ‘Groping’ And Lewd Phone Calls:

Update: As we expected, PBS and CBS News have reportedly suspended Charlie Rose following the allegations that he sexually harassed eight women in the workplace…

PBS, which airs Rose’s self-titled interview program, said Monday they were suspending the production of the show and will halt scheduled airings.

CBS News also announced Rose would be suspended from their network after news of the allegations broke. Rose is a co-host the network’s morning show, “CBS This Morning” and is a contributing correspondent to its newsmagazine “60 Minutes.”

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Gold, Euro Slump As Merkel Admits “New Elections Are The Better Way”

Gold, Euro Slump As Merkel Admits “New Elections Are The Better Way”:

EURUSD is testing overnight lows (and gold is tumbling) after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would prefer to go ahead with new federal elections rather than try to form a minority government.

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Siberia: Severe cold … seriously below normal

Severe cold in Siberia – Seriously below normal:

Temperature 10-12°C below the climatic norm.


Severe freezing has hit parts of Evenkia, Irkutsk and Yakutia. On November 19, the temperature fell to -40, -42°C.

It was even colder just east of Yakutia. In Ytyk-Kel and Churapcha, Teplyi Klyuch and Tompo, the thermometers showed -44 ° C, In Deliankir and Oymyakon -47°C.

In Yakutia, such frosts are fairly common at this time of year. But for Central Siberia, this is a serious temperature anomaly (italics added), because the average daily temperature for Nov 18 was 10-12°C below the climatic norm.

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The Yield Curve Has Not Been This Flat In 10 Years, And Many Believe This Is A Sign That A Recession Is Imminent

The Yield Curve Has Not Been This Flat In 10 Years, And Many Believe This Is A Sign That A Recession Is Imminent:

Whenever we see an inverted yield curve, a recession almost always follows, and that is why many analysts are deeply concerned that the yield curve is currently the flattest that it has been in about a decade.  In other words, according to one of the most reliable indicators that we have, we are closer to another recession than we have been at any point since the last financial crisis.  And when you combine this with all of the other indicators that are screaming that a new crisis is on the horizon, a very troubling picture emerges.  Hopefully this will turn out to be a false alarm, but it is looking more and more like big economic trouble is coming in 2018.

The professionals on Wall Street take the yield curve very, very seriously, and the fact that it has gotten so flat has many of them extremely concerned.  The following comes from Business Insider

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Bill Clinton Faces Sexual Assault Accusations From Four More Women

Bill Clinton Faces Sexual Assault Accusations From Four More Women:

Bill Clinton is facing explosive new charges of sexual assault from four women, according to highly placed Democratic Party sources…

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Gold Drops To Key Technical Support After $2 Billion Purge

Gold Drops To Key Technical Support After $2 Billion Purge:

After surging above its 50-day moving-average on Friday, it appears someone is keen for that key technical level not to hold as they dumped almost $2 billion notional in seconds this morning, testing down to the 50DMA (but holding for now).

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German Conventional Turbine Producer Siemens To Slash 6900 Workers Worldwide Due To “Energiewende”

German Conventional Turbine Producer Siemens To Slash 6900 Workers Worldwide Due To “Energiewende”:

The Swiss online SRF public television site here reports that German power engineering giant Siemens plans to eliminate some 6900 employees, half of them in Germany. Hit will be the conventional power plant and electric drive systems branch.

German energy sector in turmoil

The SRF writes that the power plant branch “is suffering due to the Energiewende“, Germany’s attempted transition to renewable energies. This branch alone will see 6100 job reductions. Turbine plants in Görlitz, Leipzig, Offenbach, Erfurt, Erlangen, Berlin and Mülheim (Ruhr) will be impacted. The announcement just before the start of the Christmas holiday season has angered trade unionists.

The Handelsblatt here reports that some of the impacted engineering workers are “in shock and in tears” over the news. Protests and strikes have been announced.

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Wall Street Journal Calls Merkel’s Energiewende “A Meltdown” Involving “Astronomical Costs”

Wall Street Journal Calls Merkel’s Energiewende “A Meltdown” Involving “Astronomical Costs”:

t an accurate, concise assessment of how Germany’s “Energiewende” (transition away from fossil and nuclear energies over to green energies) has been faring so far. It’s grade? I’d interpret it as an F for failure.

Quickly turning into a huge embarrassment

Once seen as “a paragon of green energy virtue“, the Energiewende is nothing like it was sold to be by green energy hucksters. In fact things have gotten so bad that we can expect activists to grow totally silent on Germany’s Energiewende as its failure becomes glaring and embarrassing.

The WSJ editorial boards reminds readers that Germany is not even going to come close to meeting it’s 2020 or 2030 targets, despite the hundreds of billions of euros committed to the project so far.

No greenhouse gas reductions in 9 years

The truth is that the lion’s share of the country’s greenhouse gas reductions happened right after 1990 when free market principles were implemented to revamp totally run-down Communist East Germany. Yet since the mass state intervention that is the Energiewende, Germany’s reductions have ground to a halt. In reality the country — under Merkel’s leadership — has not seen its emissions of greenhouse gases fall since the end of the last decade, 2009! Read here.

“Astronomical costs”

By any measure this is an astonishing failure of Communist dimensions. The WSJ editorial board writes of “astronomical costs” in return for nothing.

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Consumers Are Both Confident And Broke: The Last Time This Happened…

Last Time This Happened, Part 2: Consumers Are Both Confident And Broke:

Elliott Wave International recently put together a chart (click here to watch the accompanying video) that illustrates a recurring theme of financial bubbles:

When good times have gone on for a sufficiently long time, people forget that it can be any other way and start behaving as if they’re bulletproof.

They stop saving, for instance, because they’ll always have their job and their stocks will always go up.

Then comes the inevitable bust.

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Russia’s Arms Sales To Middle East Countries Spike To Record-High Levels

Russia’s Arms Sales To Middle East Countries Spike To Record-High Levels:

Dubai Airshow 2017, one of the largest and most successful air shows in the world, ended on Nov.16, having drawn over 79,000 trade visitors, up around 20% over the last version of the event in 2015. The total order tally is $113.8 billion in orders. It nearly tripled from the $37.2 billion signed two years ago.

Russia’s exposition at the Dubai Airshow 2017 included the combat helicopter Ka-52, multi-mission fighter MiG-29M, Su-35 supermaneuverable air defense fighter, Be-200 multipurpose amphibious aircraft, combat-transport helicopter Mi-35M, long-range air defense system S-400 Triumph, and short-range air defense missile system Pantsir–S1. The ‘Russian Knights’ aerobatic demonstration team performed extraordinary stunts riding through the skies to greatly impress spectators.

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Top NSA Whistleblower Claims “Russiagate” A Fake To Increase War-Spending

Top NSA Whistleblower Claims “Russiagate” A Fake To Increase War-Spending:

William Binney is the mathematician and Russia-specialist, who quit the NSA in 2001 as its global Technical Director for geopolitical analysis, because of the lying about, and manipulations of, intelligence, that he saw — distortions of intelligence by the George W. Bush Administration — in order to ‘justify’ systematic, massive, and all-encompassing, Government snooping into all Americans’ private electronic communications. His, and some colleagues’, efforts to get the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense to investigate the matter, produced FBI raids into their homes, and seizures of their computers, so as to remove incriminating evidence they might have against higher-ups. According to Binney, NSA’s Director, Michael Hayden, had vetoed in August 2001 a far less intrusive and more effective system of signals-intelligence collection and analysis, which might have enabled the 9/11 attacks to be blocked — a more effective system that would have been less expensive, less intrusive, and not violated Americans’ Constitutional rights. Hayden went on to head the CIA, until the end of George W. Bush’s Presidency. Afterward, Hayden joined the Chertoff Group and other military-industrial-complex contractors of the US federal Government. There were no such rewards for any of the whistleblowers.

Binney viewed Hillary Clinton as continuing George W. Bush’s neoconservatism, and so, though reluctantly, voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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100 Billion Reasons To Have Non-Reportable Assets

100 Billion Reasons To Have Non-Reportable Assets:

In early March 1938 in a dusty corner of the Arabian desert, Max Steineke finally had the breakthrough he was hoping for.

Steineke was the chief geologist for the California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC), a venture owned by what we know today as Chevron.

And he hadn’t had a lot of success despite years of effort.

Steinke was convinced that massive oil reserves were beneath the sands. He just couldn’t find any.

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